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SEO Tools allows you to analyze your website. By using the best SEO tools you can analyze and explore the SEO ranking of your website and explore your keywords. Basic SEO features allow you to estimate traffic, analyze backlinks, keyword density and many other features of SEO services.

SEO ranking checker – What is the SEO Score?

If you own a website, you must have knowledge about SEO terms and what is the importance of SEO for your website to get ranked on google.

Free SEO Checker

The SEO features list of Website SEO Checker is given below.

  • Track Rankings
  • Keyword Explorer
  • Estimate Traffic
  • Use G. Analytics & G. Search Console
  • Backlinks
  • ON-Page SEO
  • Images SEO
  • Broken Links
  • Keywords Density
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Inline CSS
  • DA/PA of Website
  • Favicon Status
  • Robots.txt Status

Above is the SEO features list provided by the Website SEO Score Checker.

Let’s talk about on-page SEO which is one of the most important factors to increase SEO score.

On Page SEO Steps

ON page SEO is one of the main factors to optimize your page and has a very huge impact on the ability of a page to rank it. So let’s have look at some very important factors for SEO.

Content of the page

If you want to make your page worthy of search results, then the content is the most important thing. The content of the page should be unique and must target the topic covered in the article.

Good content is defined as “the content that supplies demand and the content that is linkable”. This is the formula to write good unique content.

Title Tag

The second most important factor for on-page SEO is the title tag. This should be according to the SEO perspectives.


 The pages and posts of a website must have a meaningful URL containing the categories and keywords in it

Image alt text

All the images placed on your web pages must have meaningful alt text for Best SEO practice

Best Practice SEO

If we summarize these things about on Page SEO, we come up with the following summary of a web page.

  • Title Tag
  • URL
  • Content of web page
  • Alt text for images placed on a web page

The whole purpose of a web page must be covered within the above summary.

If you have a blog or if you own a website, you can check SEO Score online. There are completely free SEO checker and website checker available. Click on the button to check the SEO score of your website.

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