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In this era of technology where everything is smart and everyone wants to utilize technology at the maximum point, you are constructing your home and want to make your home smart? Despite having smartphones in your home have you ever wondered about having the smart bed, smart kitchen smart surveillance and so on? This article presents you with some really good “smart devices” which are not really fancy but are actually affordable somehow and can be used to turn your home into a smart place.

List of smart devices – Make Your Home Smart

WGCC Bluetooth Lock Pad

This device offers you multiple features such as:

  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Portability
  • Affordable
  • Bluetooth mobile connectivity
WGCC Bluetooth Lock Pad

If you want to keep your things in security this device is best recommended for your home.

Nest Thermostat

If you are having pets, children or old age people in your home, you need to monitor temperature continuously especially in cold weather. Nest Thermostat is a device which offers multiple features such as

  • Control from Mobile app
  • Voice Assistant
  • Energy certified device
Nest Thermostat

This device might be costly for you but trust me it is worth spending some amount if you really care for your loved ones.

Amazon 3rd Generation Echo Dot

If you really want to have a smart speaker, then this device is highly recommended. It offers a variety of features such as:

  • Provide assistance by using the internet
  • Flexible enough to adjust in different environments
  • Voice recognition and control
  • Easily connect with other devices (Hands-free)
Amazon 3rd Generation Echo Dot

Philips smart light bulbs

If you want to free yourself from electricity bills, you can use smart and low-power consuming lights. Philips hue smart light bulbs are specifically designed for those who are afraid of the dark and want to keep their room or home illuminated all night. These bulbs are smart enough to change their light color and they don’t need any hub for their installation.

Philips smart light bulbs

This bulb cost you only $8 and works fine with Google Assistant and Alexa. They offer you the following features:

  • You can dim or increase light
  • You can create shades
  • Voice controller
  • More life than average light bulbs.

Best Smart plug – Tp-Link Kasa

If you are looking for smart plugs for your home which are easy to install, cheap and have easy-to-grasp functionality then TP-LINK’s Kasa Mini is the best recommendation. This plug consists of one outlet which can be connected to Wi-Fi. Its smartphone app is featured to turn it on or off from remote location or you can schedule its power on/off feature. It works fine with Google Assistant and Alexa. This plug costs you only $20 if you want to purchase it from Amazon.

Best Smart plug - Tp-Link Kasa

Amazon Echo Show 8

Best smart display for Alexa

Echo 8 is the best to display device with excellent audio quality, enhanced graphics on the screen, and a nod for privacy and physical shutter which can be slide over its camera.  These Google Assistant have active YouTube integration for which they are quite useful in producing high-quality audio and video. If you are only committed to Alexa- the only ecosystem then you must try Echo Show 8 which is the best smart display for your smart home.

Amazon Echo Show 8

Arlo Pro 2 & 3

If you are highly concerned about your home security, you can opt for this device. Arlo Pro 2 is a surveillance system that offers you the best home security camera service and you can remain comfortable without any fears.  Arlo Pro 3 cameras are newly introduced which are having enhanced video resolution than previous versions and built-in siren in camera.

Arlo Pro 2 & 3

Thus if you are having any intruders you can be notified indoor and outdoor. It offers you the following features:

  • Indoor + Outdoor view
  • Weatherproof  design
  • Live view and recording
  • Power them through cable or Recharge battery for 6 months.


If you are truly concerned about security across your entire home, then this $230 kit is for you. The best feature of this safety kit is its customizability which varies from eight sensors including smoke sensor, glass-break sensor, etc. It offers similar services just like other security systems from Ring, Nest, ADT, and Vivint but the more superior of them is Abode.


Nest Hello

Best Video Doorbell

This doorbell provides you real times view about who is knocking on your door. All you need is to connect this doorbell with Wi-Fi and it will record a 3-hour video completely free. The most critical point about this doorbell is that the owner must have undergone a facial recognition procedure to have this doorbell working. Google has implemented Facial recognition in Nest hello to ensure next-level security and privacy. By using Nest hello you can customize your own database and register faces of your most frequent and loved one guest.  On their next visit app will recognize them automatically.

Best Video Doorbell

The best smart Lock – August Smart Lock Pro With Connect Bundle

People are very much concerned about using the smart lock as they can lock yourself out when you don’t have any key, also they are vulnerable towards hack and there is a constant fear of intruders. But August Smart Lock Pro is here to eliminate all your fears.

The best smart Lock

This smart lock is easy-to-install; it can be easily fitted on deadbolt designs. You can easily connect this lock with your phone via Bluetooth or August app and thus you can assign virtual keys to your family members without paying an extra cost.

The August Connect Bundle allows you to control this lock from anywhere and also you can connect it with virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri by assigning a secret PIN. Another important feature about this lock is that it is capable of telling you if it is locked and also if the door is open. Thus it’s the complete package offering fine security system, anyone could wish to have in their smart home.

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