Best Home Security Systems – Best self-monitored home security system

Best Home Security Devices so far for smart home

A good security system is a combination of hardware and software which will prevent intrusion and unauthorized access to your home. A good security system is meant to provide security 24/7 even if you are not at home or you are home alone, a security system is meant to be always there for you. We have done complete legwork for you so don’t get a headache while opting for best home security.

Best DIY Home Security systems

 DIY home security systems are alternative solutions for expensive professional systems. You can purchase security systems for your home at a very low cost and install them on your own without needing any professional person. Basically, DIY systems are introduced as a cost-cutting alternative for high price security systems. Therefore, each DIY system has its own pros and cons and need professional training somehow according to the need. The most important point about the DIY security system is that they are free of any service contract or regular fee. Here are the most popular DIY security systems which can be purchased from Amazon or Walmart.


  • SimpliSafe is an easy-to-install security system and known as one the finest DIY security system
  • SimpliSafe is a combination of security cameras, battery-powered sensors, voice control, and other important features
  • You can get this kit from Amazon at a starting price of $230.
  • For professional monitoring, you have to invest $15 per month
  • You can use a $25-per-month plan, which offers you control through a mobile app, Alexa and Google Assistant control.


  • This is the best alternative for SimpliSafe
  • This security system includes a variety of features such as support for Z-Wave, Zigbee, Nest, and IFTT.
  • Abode is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant and provides the best security system by continually assisting and monitoring.
  • Abode offers a great deal of flexibility; it allows choosing a plan for paying. You can pay for temporary monitoring else you can pay for a monthly/weekly basis.

Net Secure

  • Net Secure is a DIY security system designed by Google.
  • Net secure cost is far more than the previously discussed security system. Its starting price is $399.

Ring Alarm

  • Ring Alarm is developed by Amazon and it is the easy-to-install security system.
  • Ring Alarm cost you only $10 for monitoring your home for 10 months
  • This security system is a complete package with compatible smart locks and many other 3rd-party gadgets.
  • Ring Alarm is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant and users can arm or disarm the by voice control.

Best Security Systems for Home

Best professionally installed systems for smart Home

These systems are designed and installed on a professional level and provide you high-level security in your home. Many companies are offering their services such as Brinks, ADT, Comcast, and AT&T.

Professional security systems for the smart homes include door sensors, window sensors, and motion sensors and therefore they are promising towards avoiding false alarms and offering integrated cameras, door locks, keypads, touch screens, and thermostats. These security systems are also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Comcast Xfinity Home

  • This security system is available locally. Thus if you are opting for its use you must check its availability in your region.
  • Comcast is known as “well-thought-out system that plays nicely with your smart home gear, including longtime favorites like Lutron Caseta light switches and the Nest thermostat”
  • You can enjoy pairing it up with Comcast’s internet and TV service.
Comcast Xfinity Home

Vivint Smart Home

  • This is also known as a good security system but it is slightly expensive.
  • You can get its basic kit in $599 which typically includes a motion sensor, control panel for touch screen and 2 entry sensors.
  • If you want to add an extra camera for the avoidance of false alarms, you have to pay $5 with your bill every month.
Vivint smart Home

AT&T Digital Life

  • Digital Life is a smartphone app specifically designed for a security system which allows keeping in contact with your home remotely
  • By using this app you can schedule emails and texts for receiving notifications about what’s happening in your home
  • You can view the status of the security system via this app and get every device information
  • This app provides you activity log through which you can monitor recent activities and device status.
AT&T Digital Life

Best Home security doorbells for Home

August View

  • People are very much concerned about using the smart lock as they can lock yourself out when you don’t have any key, also they are vulnerable towards hack and there is a constant fear of intruders. But August Smart Lock Pro is here to eliminate all your fears.
  • The August smart lock is easy to install, it can be easily fitted on deadbolt designs.
  • You can easily connect this lock with your phone via Bluetooth or August app and thus you can assign virtual keys to your family members without paying an extra cost.
  • The August Connect Bundle allows you to control this lock from anywhere and also you can connect it with virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri by assigning a secret PIN.
  • Another important feature about this lock is that it can tell you either it is locked or not and also the door is open or not. Thus it the complete package of fine security system anyone wishes to have in their smart home.
august view

Smart Doorbell -Ring Video Doorbell 2

  • Ring Video Doorbell 2 can be linked with Alexa for audio announcements in case motion is detected.
  • You can communicate to visitors via Alexa by saying “Alexa, talk to the front door”
  • You can hear, see and communicate with the visitor with your phone too.
  • It has a rechargeable battery, thus you can connect it with doorbell wires for charging continuously.
  • This security system monitors your home in a night vision of 1080HD video resolution.
  • You can check your home with a live view at any time.
  • This security system promises lifetime theft protection. It means if anyone steals or rob your doorbell, the company will provide you a one free of cost.
door bell 2

Best Outdoor Security Lights

Security with outdoor lighting is the best example of a spy with hidden beauty. You can lighten your porch, garage, and lawns by fashionable lights with hidden security systems.

Ring Home Security  – Ring smart Lighting

  • These path lights are having a diameter of 4.13 inches and a height of 16.93 inches. These smart lights are capable of producing 80 lumens of bright light whenever motion is detected.
  • You can get 1 Ring bridge for indoor security so you can receive notifications, connect it with other Ring gadgets and customize its settings.
  • You can use Ring smart lighting in the form of the group so they can enlighten your whole garden or porch whenever motion is detected.
  • You can link these lights with Alexa, doorbells and ring cameras for more security purposes.
smart lights
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