speed up android phone performance

How can I speed up my android phone – Speed up android phone performance

Android phones are common devices you can see in anyone’s hands. Users of Android are not just adults; Today children, old age people are also very much engaged in technology and using it to improvise their life experiences. Therefore, the slow performance of this device can lead you towards irritation and frustration when you are unable to complete your tasks. This article presents you with some tips to improve Android performance.

Android performance tweaks

Android devices are just like computers, having processors, sensors and other features most important of which is portability. Therefore they can get slow in their performance by certain factors.

There are some android performance tweaks to speed up the performance of your phone. Let’s cover those points.

Always Keep Your Apps Updated

If you are facing the slow performance of apps, you must go for Update. It is not a time taking process, all you need to do is to go to play store and update your app if an update is available. This will surely increase your Android’s performance speed. Therefore, it is important to keep memory usage below 85% to have improved speed.

Use of Original Launchers

Try to use original launchers for your Android phone. When you use customized launchers from other resources, they bypass original launchers and destroy Android performance. Such launchers are specifically designed for bypassing the actual look of the home screen and at the backend, they are consuming a large part of RAM. Thus, you need to stick to your original launchers if you want your Android to work smoother and faster.

Cut-down excessive memory usage

It’s obvious if your phone memory is full it will start lagging in its performance. Thus it is vital for all information to clear cache and temp files and also remove unwanted media from your phone to keep it light-weight. You can install CCleaner apk for Android device which can definitely boost your Android device performance.

Update Operating System of Android

Updating the operating system of your Android will definitely work for its slow performance. Usually, you get notification of update automatically but in case you are facing issues in speed and apps, you can manually update your Android’s operating system.

Eliminate infected files

If your phone is having torrent files or it is downloading un-necessary cookies etc. they can be converted into viruses and worms. You can eliminate them by installing an appropriate apk from the play store. There are many anti-viruses organizations offering their apk to eliminate viruses from Android devices. Therefore, it is important to monitor your files weekly.

Reset your Phone

This might be possible that your Android storage is completely filled with excessive media files and documents and junk files. Also, your apps are generating data and using cookies that are beyond the memory capacity of your Android devices. So it is recommended to move your files to some USB or laptop and reset your phone.

Avoid the use of live wallpapers

If you want your Android device to work faster, then stop using live wallpapers. Live wallpapers keep your processor engaged in changing screens and colors thus other apps get slower as they don’t get processor response.

Use Manager- File Manager of Android phone

If you want to allocate your phone memory to apps in the right way, try to use the phone manager. The main purpose of using a phone manager is to allocate the right portion of memory to the right app and to discard the use of un-necessary files by showing memory stats. By visualizing memory stats you can analyze which app is more space-consuming and causing your Android to work slow.

Use SD card/ Memory card

If you are fond of selfies and keeping media files into your phone, you can use high-speed memory cards to extend the storage of your Android device. Use a high-speed memory card and enjoy without facing any troubles.

Last but not least, these are common issues in any android system and are mainly related to memory consumption. Make sure your phone memory consumption is below 85% and you are using SD card for extension in memory. If you want to see how much RAM is needed for your Android device, you Can Google RAM ratio for your mobile and it will definitely tell you that your must-have 2GB RAM for the smooth running of your device.

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