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Location-based service-Perks of Machine Learning – Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

There were times when humans were using their 6th sense and gut feeling for weather forecasting. To analyze directions they were using needles and to cover long distances there rituals were to wander here and there before reaching the final destination. Today, technology has transformed each and every aspect of a human’s life. Introduction and then continuous evolution of location-based services such as weather forecasting, GPRS, online shopping, etc. are becoming a regular practice in daily life activities. So, if you are going to a nearby restaurant or navigating abroad, you are using your smartphone for location tracking.

These services are benefiting customers on one end, on the other side they are of great importance for service providers too. Service providers record habits of their customers to analyze their interest as well as trends of their competitors in technology and grow their business as per the requirements of customers.

It is one of our common observations that while moving around restaurants and shopping store we receive promotional ads and captivating offers, all of these services are running on the basis of machine learning. Machine learning is advancing location-based services through algorithms that record human behavior and taste and provide them what they want to receive.

Technology-driven Navigation

People of old ages usually complained about not understanding paper maps but are they really in problem with this era of machine learning? Smartphones have GPRS activated, if you can’t understand the map, you can hear where the Google assistant is telling you to turn. GPRS not only helping government organizations and forecasting businesses but it is bringing revolutions in the individual routine of moving around.  Overlooking technology providers such as Google, Apple, and Nokia; are investing more and more in developing efficient navigation systems. According to Uber, Tesla and Lyft’s future of transportation is seen as smart vehicles on the road communication wirelessly with respect to real-time events.

Technology-driven Navigation

We observe the following trends in location-based services enabled due to machine learning:

  • Gaming with geological limits
  • Smart vehicles- without drivers
  • Biometric integrations in smart applications
  • Face and voice recognitions
  • Improvised logistic networks

The more interesting example of this could be Google’s assistant, Siri, and Alexa. You can ask them for directions to locate nearby ATM, restaurant or Petrol pump.

Situational Awareness

Marketing decisions are improving on the basis of satellite imagery models which are eventually helpful in decision making and potential audience estimation. Competitive intelligence and progress tracking are becoming popular in businesses to refine their finance, supply chain, and location-based services. Satellite technology is serving in other fields such as observing the growth of crops, mining outputs, traffic port, etc.

Situational Awareness

Geo locations and check-ins

Social check-ins are a new trend in youth on twitter, Face book, Instagram which is largely used by retail stores and restaurants to observe their favorites and offer those services and recommendations to them. Machine learning in collaboration with geolocation services is worthwhile in fraud detection and prevention. For instance, Master cards are implementing this strategy to avoid fraudulent tractions.

Geo locations

Smart Apps

Our daily chores either are related to grocery, office reminders, medical appointments are all dependent on smartphones. Smart apps are smart enough to prepare a grocery item list before human interpretation on the basis of the last visit to the grocery store. In addition to that smart apps are up-to-date and provide us promotional details of our desired list of items. Point to ponder is that you are talking about something and then open your phone and it’s giving you an advertisement for the same items? Your phone is smart enough to listen and judge your favorites and all this is due to machine learning.

Smart Apps

Machine learning inundation with the combination of IoT devices and smartphones is reforming human navigation dramatically. This transformation of technology is promising to offer the greatest degree of customization and services based on location tracking in the coming future and will open new gateways to analyze human movements and patterns. Smartphones are acting more than a personal assistant and we should be thankful for intuitive and automated services offered by Machine learning and location-tracking.

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