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The iFrame is an HTML document that is embedded in another HTML document. The purpose to use iFrame is to include content from some external source into your website, for example, the promotion of some sites on your website. IFrame appears like an inline image, but it can be customized to have an independent scrollbar as compared to the main page’s scrollbar. The content of iFrame can be updated and it doesn’t require the user to reload the page again and again. This feature can be enabled by using JavaScript or target attribute from HTML. Web designers usually include iFrames to place interactive applications on websites especially those which employ Ajax, eCommerce applications and Google Maps.

iFrame Layout Generator

Vulnerability of iFrames

By the year 2008, hackers started using harmful iFrame code by seeding it into internet search results that resulted in iFrame overlay attacks on many successful and permanent websites including ABC News and the USA today. The attack was made possible by inserting IFrame code into saved search results of legal/authorized websites. As long as the link from the compromised tool is available for the user to click, he would be automatically taken to the malicious site through iFrame code. Thus, resulting in the download of malware and making user’s computers more vulnerable and sensitive to hacking.

Benefits of iFrames

  • IFrames are an easy and effective way of integrating two truly separated HTML components.
  • You can load external HTML or XML in current without disturbing the structure and design of the webpage.
  • Earlier, iFrames were not supported by multiple browsers but today they are supported by Mozilla, Netscape 6+, Opera, Internet Explorer 4+, and other modern browsers.
  • IFrames brace various attributes within its basic tag “<iframe></iframe>” such as “src, name, width, height, align, frame border, scrolling”
  • One can use CSS and JavaScript to customize iFrame just like web designers do to design web pages.
  • IFrames content can be dynamically separated by using JavaScript which can be used for communication between webpage having iFrame and document loaded inside it.
  • For some security reasons, iFrames can be kept hidden on the website. Using JavaScript, hidden iFrames can execute the program and return expected results to the main web page.
  • The biggest use of iFrame today is for remote scripting. In remote scripting, the client application is running on a browser and provides current data to the server-side applications without requiring reloading of the webpage.

iFrame Generator

IFrames can be a good source of inserting external information, advertisement and isolated third party content into your website. The majority of web advertising is based upon iFrames as they offer cross-domain security policies and separated views on the screen which can be managed by the third party.

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