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Technology Top Trends in Communication – New Communication Technology

Communication plays an important role in every field of real-life scenarios. Communication channels vary from person to person and according to the nature of work a person is involved in. If communication is done properly and using the right channel on time it is responsible for ameliorating businesses.

If you don’t keep up with the pace of fast-moving technology, you will be suffering in communication. Communication is just not among your friends and family member, in today’s world technology has evolved and bringing revolutions in communication. Now your mobile device can communicate with your home, vehicle on road can communicate with road infrastructure, a wheelchair is smart you can control your patient wirelessly, whole empires are smart that are connected through Wi-Fi. Therefore everything in this world is getting smart and can communicate wirelessly. This article is all about technology trends in communication that are ruling over businesses and other areas and providing excellence in communication.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is the topmost technology leading in the communication domain. The use of machine learning algorithms on the physical layer is becoming very common. ML is implemented as a fundamental part of the planning of network functions as well as in radio resource management. If you are opting for communication protocol either visual communication, wireless or location sensing and not using ML in it, then your communication is at stake.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is creating remarkable changes in various industries and logistics and now it is growing in communication as well. IoT is applying the idea of using multiple wireless connections (GPRS, Bluetooth, and WiMax, WI-Fi, etc) into communication with smartphones and allowing a number of users to keep in touch where GSM is available on mobile technologies.

IoT is serving in businesses as well. M2M technology leading with IoT allowing people to organize their businesses and keep knowledge of their business processes. Also, it is capable of collecting critical business data on continuous intervals. This helps in maintaining the relationship between active devices within an organization.

5G Cellular network

The very famed 5G network is allowing the fastest access to data with the highest reliability and security. Upcoming ubiquitous projects either they are smart-vehicles, smart homes, autonomous cars or smart communities all will be relying on 5G and 6G for effective communication among them.

Moreover, 5G is expected to integrate multiple video communication channels by supporting the exchange of real-time data in technology trends 2019 and technology trends 2020. It is assumed that calculated bandwidth and power consumption for such type of communication will be high and it will cost about 50 billion US dollars.  Maybe this is the reason that 5G is still undeployed but once it is in-the-market it will replace Wi-Fi.


LTE is providing high-speed network capacity to mobile users. The data transfer rate of LTE downstream is 100Mbps and 30Mbps upstream. According to the Ericsson survey, users of LTE are expected to grow by the end of 2021 and outlying technologies such as ML and IoT are ready to boost LTE through 2021. So LTE can’t be degraded because of 4G protocols, it was still some juice left in it and is capable of rising more as communication technology examples.

THz Frequencies

Features of 5G and 6G are already defined and discussed but what seems challenging is to utilize vast vista of unused bandwidth, millimeter-wave frequencies, deal with attenuation because of snow/atmosphere, analyzing the power consumption of devices, managing small antenna slits and so on. Researchers are opting for the increasing frequency range from 100 GHz to 1THz which is quite daunting and risky but the benefits are also multiple of these risks. Also, there is a concept of blending high frequencies with different wavelengths to enable these frequencies for high-resolution positioning. If this blend happens in the future, it will create unbelievable productions in-vehicle networks, connectivity among drones, applications for short-range systems and in other similar areas. It is also one of the communication technology examples.


Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) is a mean of wireless communication; specially designed for enhanced transmission power and increased spectral efficiency. The reason for the enhanced capacity of MIMO is the introduction of additional spatial bands that are used through space-time coding. MIMO reduces the effects of attenuation by providing multiple spatial paths. Spectral efficiency definition is summarized as a total number of information bits per second per Hertz transmitted from one array to the other.

When we explore IEEE with the title “massive MIMO implementation”, there were about 128 research papers in 2017-2018. This sums up overriding benefits of MIMO in wireless communication and it promises to provide phenomenal ideas while doing research in trending technologies in communication.

While considering these technology trends in communication today, we can’t ignore privacy and security concerns in this regard. Since these are so many technologies and devices to secure information but still there is a risk of securing public confidence in complex supply chains if technologists are planning the conference and some of the attendees are unable to attend. Most networking equipment is distributed worldwide and if some customers need a change in them, there must be potential to accommodate the change. Hence, researchers and technologists are working towards more improvements trying to develop better communication and cooperation among communities and their members.

These all are the current trends in information technology, new communication technology, mobile technologies, technology trends 2019, technology trends 2020. These are the best communication technology examples and current trends in information technology

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