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7 Amazing Facts About Antarctica You Must Know

Antarctica, situated in the south pole of the world is the most depopulated area covered with icy glaciers. This is one of the 7 continents of the world that is a country itself also. The temperature of this piece of land falls up to -90 °C that makes the movement of humans very difficult to travel along. Antarctica is a continent and a country also at a time. It is divided into two parts named East Antarctica and West Antarctica. This the 5th coldest continent of the world occupied by none. In this world of ice, there are many hidden secrets that humans don’t know about anything. Some of the scientist and researches are staying there temporary to find the facts that how life is going along in this world of ice. There is no time zone here in Antarctica. Almost 75% freshwater of the whole world is here. Some of the sea creatures are those have adopted the temperature of this piece of land of finding here only. If you want to summarize this in few words, you can call it one the biggest glaciers of the ice having 14 million square Km area where there is no sun, no greenery and you can’t see the land here.

You may have heard about Antarctica many times but you definitely don’t know about the secrets of this continent. So let us try to explore these secrets.

1. Antarctica’s Blood Falls

In 1911, an Australian geologist went to visit Antarctica. During his journey, by chance, he passed this nearby waterfall that looked like a sprinkle of blood coming out of ice. Earlier on, the scientists thought that this is might be due to the red colored fish living there but after the research, it was proved that this is due to an excessive amount of Iron Oxide in the water here. But the real question was how the fish and other sea creatures are survived there in this water, this is still being researched.

Antarctica’s Blood Falls
Antarctica’s Blood Falls

2. Elongated Skulls

Elongated Skulls was found in 2014. In 2014, three strange skulls were found in Antarctica. These Skulls are also considered as one of the oldest remains of a human. These skulls were named Elongated Skulls having a long head. It is said that having a long head was a fashion in old tribes and this was made possible artificially. The same type of skulls was found in Pre-Inca and Egypt.

Elongated Skulls
Elongated Skulls

3. Gamburtsev Mountain Range

In 1950, inside the thick layer of ice, the Gamburtsev Mountains range was found that is 2700 meters high and 1200 KM long. But another interesting this is the age of this mountain range which is 1 Billion years old. According to geology, the mountains vanish or the height gets low after 400 to 500 million years but the ice layer has made this range very safe.

Gamburtsev Mountain Range
Gamburtsev Mountain Range

4. Singing mountains

Passing over the higher glaciers of Antarctica, when the air pressure is high and speed of the air is a bit fast, in the vibration recording devices, strange voices are recorded and these voices change with respect to place and weather. Sometimes these voices are heard like a weeping woman while on the second moment, these voices are like breaking bones. This might be science fiction, but these voices are a reality to hear.

5. Martian Meteorite

About 90% of total meteorites have been found in Antarctica. It is estimated that about 10000 meteorites were found from Antarctica and these meteorites are almost in their original form means with no damage and these meteorites are hundred years old. In 2002, a meteorite was found having the size of a potato. After the research, it came to know that this meteorite came from Mars and some microorganisms were also found on that meteorite that is evidence of life on Mars.

 Mars Martian Meteorite
Mars Martian Meteorite

6. Underground Lakes

Looking at the structure of Antarctica, there is only ice but in fact, there are underground lakes deep inside the layers of ice. Due to the pressure of ice and the temperature of the core of land makes the temperature of the water of lakes feasible for a sea creature to live a normal life. The biggest lake in Antarctica is Lake Vostok under 4 KM layers of ice. Scientists had to drill through an ice cap more than two miles thick, to reach the surface of Lake Vostok. There are some rare species of sea creatures that are not found anywhere else in the world.

7. Fossils of Dinosaurs

The fossils of dinosaurs were found in Antarctica, hidden in the layers of ice that are about 71 million years old. These species of dinosaurs were able to live in the water including Plesiosaur, Nothosaur, and Mosasaurs.

This was a piece of evidence the climate of Antarctica has not been the same over the years but it is the result of the environmental climate changes. This also shows that the temperature of Antarctica was normal about millions of years ago and life was present there. And then, suddenly, the climate changes came like a blast and the whole continent transformed into ice glaciers. But how all this happened, it’s a hidden fact till now and researches are trying to explore more of them.

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