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Business Communication Trends and Technology

In businesses communication is very important in every department either it is managerial, HR, customer services or development. If you are good at communication, it will have a positive effect on your business operations. There is a need to keep in touch 24/7 with customer feedback, operation managers and support team. So what is trending ineffective communication for team collaboration in a successful business is presented in this article.

Internet of Things (IoT)

A few years back, IoT was purely concerned with logistics and industrial operations but slowly it is taking over communication in businesses.  GSM network connectivity is making it possible to connect with your customers and business partners remotely by using Wi-Fi, GPRS, WiMAX, Bluetooth, etc. M2M technology is heading with IoT and providing opportunities to gather critical business information on a regular basis.  Each and every device within your organization is connected and there is a constant relationship between them that makes data sharing and integrity possible.

5G mobile network

After 4G, 5G high-speed mobile network is heading to rule over business communication. 5G aims to provide reduced latency, low battery consumption, 1000 times capacity of 4G and high resolution and larger bandwidth.  Using 5G, it will be possible to combine video calling with synchronized data sharing on real-time business operations.   The hypothesis says that this type of communication creates extra load in-network and may create slow connectivity in the case of multiple users. But it is surely expected that 5G will make its way better than this in the market in terms of business communication.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is not new in the internet world but its trend in business communication is all new and leaping up.  In business communication data sharing through physical devices such as UBS, or hubs is quite risky as viruses or worms can cause loss of important data. Cloud is providing a platform to deceive cyber attacks. Without creating problems of data sizes and formats, the cloud can make data sharing easy among a number of the user by maintaining security, integrity and confidentiality terms. Accessing data from the cloud is less problematic as you are using your own device and you don’t need extra power resources and internet connections.  The most used and effective cloud resource is Microsoft SharePoint Online providing 1Tb storage capacity with main functionalities.

Augmented and virtual reality

There is a concept that AR and VR are purely related to gaming, but this is not true. These two technologies are trending and expanding horizons of client base in business communication by serving many business applications. For example, a project related to customer need them to visit, but by using VR 3D tour can be organized and tested which will save everyone from the hustle. AR and VR require imagination to use them; for example, Anatomy is suited, you can make a 3D tour of the human body by using it. This suite is applicable to academics also.

Visible light communication

One of the most remarkable communication technologies in wireless communication is Visible Light communication. This technology used LED’s which operate by using high-frequency voltage and act as an access point for data transmission by creating bi-directional channels. The light emitted by these LEDs is not visible by human eyes and they cannot penetrate through walls so we can say their radius of operation is quite small.

Wi-Fi uses radio waves that limit its use but instead of radio waves Visible light communication uses light rays which make it applicable in medical centers, airplanes and beneath the water. It is classified as “green innovation” because it is energy efficient in comparison to conventional lamps.  The emerging trend of this technology in business communication is a sign that it will replace its analogical technology Wi-Fi.

4k Image format

Earlier this technology was considered expensive and was in use by large organizations such as Cisco. Today where technologies are faster and easier to the user, it is considered as one of the greatest trends in business communication which provides image quality of 8 million pixels and is widely used in video conferencing call systems. Using 4K image formatting manufacturers are creating budgetary models for their devices with great technicalities within range of 350-700 USD and this feature is setting the benchmark in self-sustaining telepresence systems, providing new and better ways of distance talks.


This technology is popular for video conference calls with greater ease than any other technology as it doesn’t need installation of special software, plugins, modules or another accompanying web browser. Thanking this technology, due to which users are in possession of incredibly easy platforms which aid in remote communication by supporting multiple features such as chat, content sharing, screen sharing, audio and video calling, etc.

Social intranet

Technology is bringing innovations in communication and merging features such as video calling, combining multiple chat rooms, and secure content sharing by considering the quality of service policies.

For instance, Jostle People Engagement is IOS application which allows you to manage communication between your employees with various view tools such as

  • ACTIVITY view
  • NEWS view
  • PEOPLE view
  • LIBRARY view
  • PROFILE view and Storage Optimization

Artificial intelligence

AI needs no introduction in this technological era. There is an assistant working with concepts of AI specially created for iPhone and named as SIRI. This software receives voice input from the user and performs as requested. It can search web browsers and provide respected output to the user. Such kind of software such as Google Assistant, they are taking business communication to the next level and are capable of performing complex tasks with greater ease.

As we are getting more and more advanced, these technologies are also growing rapidly. We cannot say which one is best because every technology is providing exceptional features in its area but assumingly 5G, VR and AI have the potential to rule over communication because of their cost-effective solutions and less need of human resources.

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