5G mingles with AI to create Digital transformations

Every mobile user is anxiously waiting for 5G to enhance their experience with wireless technology. In parallel artificial intelligence, the trend is getting over everything and replacing human resources. Business opportunities and enterprise digital transformations are becoming possible as many mobile operators are focusing on the integration of edge-computing with AI and 5G. As stated by CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) AI, 5G  and IoT are considered as the most appealing technology concerns in this digital age. Mergence of these technologies enhances business operations, productivity and growth speed on a daily basis. 5G with AI is opening new trends of processing large datasets and massive amounts of information with speed and reliability.

5G and AI are making sound promises to connect power and communities on a larger scale. These two technologies when merge together will reshape health, education, agriculture, businesses and will create a storm of innovations that are beyond our imagination at this point. The author of Forbes highlighted in his recent article “A fully autonomous self-driving vehicle will be the epitome of AI and 5G technology.” Mobile communication sectors are expecting extraordinary revolutionized communications through wireless 20/20 and AI which will eventually increase the investment return of mobile operating companies.

Collaboration between AI and 5G

Mobile operators are incorporating 5G with AI- deep learning automation to create a new set of opportunities in businesses and stepping forward to revolutionize digital enterprises such as enabling smart vehicles, improvising virtual reality, augmented reality, IoT and ubiquitous computing.

5G is settling new infrastructure for IoT and AI-based applications in digital enterprises. Since AI is based on the training of large datasets and processing of this massive data highly depends on 5G which offers fine speed with available bandwidth, expected zero latency and solid reliability. Considering its usage from mobile phones to medical centers, data is collected wirelessly and processed to create efficient responses. In short, manipulating 5G with IoT will be opening a new trend of profitable growth and competition in enterprises.

Artificial intelligence, in the near future, will be responsible for enhancing human activities and skills by modifying their relationship with technology. There are so many AI applications that are termed as “black box” because their cause of the development is un-known by people using them. Since AI is expanding its flow, it is a critical subject to conduct surveys for fields in which humans are getting effected by AI such as Medical sciences, food production and so on. There is a constant worry that AI is replacing human jobs; if the development of AI would be explainable it will work in another way- empower mankind to take better decisions on time.  AI systems will guide and support people to take the right action at the right time by giving them directions.


AI with Field Service Management

Telecom and energy industries are taking help from Zinier in automation with AI to manufacturing “touchless service delivery” to enhance assets with reduced cost by early prediction related to management issues.  Zinier helps telecom industries and energy carriers to operate efficiently across the globe by providing end-to-end field service management and automation. There is always a need for human resources on the field for handling installations, hardware management, repairs but taking a decision for what, when and by whom should be “touchless.” In other words, we can say that efficient scheduling and intelligent dispatching plays a vital role in early fixes by reducing mean time to resolution.

The trend of AI in digital enterprises is not new. Much organization seems to be pre-occupied with digital reforms: employment of AI with other technologies cause a proportional rise in business and working of their operations by delivering valuable end-products to their customers.

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