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The lightweight version of the application in terms of size and functionality is known as a portable application. Such applications don’t need an installer for their execution. They are confined in one folder which contains .exe file and you can carry these applications in a USB drive or upload on the cloud. The extreme importance of portable apps lies in the fact that they are unable to change the Windows registry. The key point is that these applications can be installed without administrative permission on any PC or laptop such as in university, library or public PC.

While the trend of the smartphone is on its rise today where everything is accessible on a single click and tap, it’s not always glossy and up-for- grab. Thanking sufficiency of mobile applications which are making technical things possible and happening at the same time but are they really enough to survive in this technology storm? To have a handy solution of every technical problem, a laptop suit is considered as bona fide source but it doesn’t cooperate when it comes to flexibility and efficiency. Portable applications come at this point to serve you where you can carry a suite of applications either they are productive software, media players or gaming tools and you can use them virtually on any computer or laptop.

Since portable applications are meant to provide standalone solutions- this article will be emphasizing on some important and usable applications in daily life activities.

Google Chrome/ Firefox

In terms of productivity, access to the internet is very important. No doubt web browsers are serving as a gateway to enter the world of the internet. Having a portable version of a web browser is extremely advantageous and absolutely needed where you run your browser, perform web surfing without leaving a footprint of your personal information behind while keeping a record of extensions and themes at the same time.

VLC media player portable

It is an open-source portable application that supports various formats of audio and video files and compression methods on several platforms.  This portable file can be accessed and run from the cloud, USB drive or from a local folder.

Audacious Portable

This is an open-source portable audio player where you can play music without hindering other tasks of your computer. It gives you multiple modern interfaces, customizable music folders and lists, multiple plugins for various features and so on.

Winamp Portable

This portable application requires an mp3 player and you can carry it along with you anywhere anytime to create a relaxed environment.  With a playlist, this app supports various plugins, libraries, time makers, etc. This app was mostly used when YouTube and Spotify were not commonly used.

Sublime, Win Merge Portable

The sublime editor is a portable application that allows you to format programming documents by providing long-list of formatting features such as supporting widescreen monitors, customizability with JSON files, split editing and so on.

If you are heading towards working with a large number of text files, Win Merge is a promising portable tool to help you in differentiating and merging text files. Win SCP is a godsend tool if you are opting for a secure upload of files on the server.

Notepad ++ portable

Notepad ++ is far way better than a simple text editor. This editor comes with plenty of good features to support easy and effective editing of documents. Syntax highlighting and folding, customizable GUI, word completion, multiple tab interface, functional parameters hint, bookmarks, macro reading, launch with various arguments, etc are some of the main functions of this app. Notepad++ can be executed either from the cloud, local folder or an external source such as USB.

GIMP, Irfan view Portable

GIMP portable has attributes such as photo editing with photo retouching, image authoring, and image composition. Irfan view is also a full-featured photo editor that allows viewing of long-list of supported formats, cropping or saving of images in multiple formats.

Foxit Reader Portable

In daily life million of people are in dire need of tools to edit PDF files, sign it or annotate it. Foxit reader portable is a free tool that supports these features yet providing security against vulnerabilities.

LastPass Pocket, Keepass portable

Memorizing the long list of the password is a hectic task for a user. LastPass and Keepass are two of the most leading choice in the market for password management. To use them you just have to install add-on extension to your web browser.

The last-pass pocket is standalone which can be run as a non-browser option in Linux and windows. This portable application can be carried along in USB and your LastPass data remain safe and maintained on the go. This portable application also offers you a backup option where you can use your secure notes without internet facilities.

7Zip portable

A popular utility for compression of documents is 7Zip portable which can read and write multiple archive file formats such as TAR, ZIP, ISO, RAR, etc.

CamStudio Portable

If you are looking for a handy tool to demonstrate the working of certain software, creating tutorials, troubleshooting videos or recording any other audio or video activity on your pc then CamStudio is a portable application which is standalone in screen capturing.

Space Sniffer, Eraser Portable

Space Sniffer is a graphical display tool that gives you an overview of how files and folders are organized on computer disk. This tool is designed using a treemap concept. This tool gives you the facility of drag, drop, zoom, filtering of elements, support of NTFS data and so on. It provides the structural look of the disk where can easily locate buried files and folders which might get ignored.

An eraser is a portable tool that helps you to remove data from disk completely without leaving any footprint behind. Its working is based on overwriting disk space several times with various patterns so that previous records cannot be recovered.

Dark-room portable

A game developed by Doublespeak in 2013 for the web browser in which the player finds him awakening in a dark room and having the desire to burn a fire. It is a text-based game where you have to collect materials by interacting with letters and characters and thus succeeding towards your goal.

The list of portable applications is unending for this article. Portable applications are eventually becoming part of the trend as they are light-weight and can be carried along and used virtually. Some other renowned portable applications are listed which you can search and download as per your requirement of the day.

  • The legend of Edgar portable game
  • Wise- disk cleaner, CCleaner, System Ninja to free disk space
  • JdownloaderPortable finds your download destination and saves you from the trouble of surfing different WebPages
  • SuperSimple video converter portable
  • Audacity portable, a simple audio editor
  • Paint.Net portable photo editor
  • Total commander, Free Commander, explorer++ windows file managers.
  • CopyQ, Ditto, Sumatra PDF are portable applications with various features of pdf review and editing.
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