Comparison of iPhone11 and iPhone XR – iPhone11 vs iPhone XR

The iPhone XR is the biggest charm of the last year 2018 which was a combination of affordability and extra-ordinary features that were the ultimate treat for its users. Apple’s new iPhone11 is in the market and since it is not presented with OLED display, bilateral charging IOS as expected. So what is exactly new with this glossy product as compared to youth’s previous sensation iPhone XR?

The comparison table below is exactly what you need to compare both models and decide which one to hold on.

Features Iphone11 iPhone XR
Market price $699 $599
Processor A13 Bionic A12Bionic
Screen specs 6.1-inch LCD (1792X828) 6.1-inch LCD (1792X828)
Storage 64GB,128GB,512GB 64GB,128GB,512GB
Face id Implemented Implemented
Rear camera 12 MP dual (f/1.8) & (f/2.4) Single 12 MP (f/1.8)
Zooming 2x optical ; 5 x digital 5x digital
Front camera 12 MP true depth (f/2.2) 7MP true depth (f/2.2)
Gigabit LTE Not available Not available
Battery life 11:20 11:26  
Frame Aluminum Aluminum
Weight 6.8 ounce 6.8 ounce
Size 5.9×3.0x3.0 inches 5.9×3.0x3.0 inches

Although there are similarities in design and certain features which can hinder your choice of iPhone 11 but there are new things under the blanket you just need to flip it out.

What’s new with the design?

The front- glossy look of the iPhone 11 is just because of its manufacturing using anodized aluminum and strongest glass of all Apple’s products up-to this time.  There is a housing of a new dual-array camera on the backside; this housing is done so neatly that it is enhancing its sleek look.

Available colors of iPhone11 are purple, white, black, yellow, green and Product Red.


Apple’s up-gradation of ios is a quite challenging thing to compete in the market. IPhone11 is equipped with the A13 Bionic processor which is an upgraded version of the iPhone XR’s processor. According to Apple A13 is the fastest and most efficient processor of smartphone history. It will set a benchmark for performing fast processing and excellent gaming in the era of the smartphone. Machine learning algorithms are implemented which allow its processor to process 1 trillion operations per second.


iPhone 11 is qualified with the 2-array camera. There is square-shaped housing on its backside and it is different from the iPhone XR which has a single case of 12MP camera. IPhone11 cameras are specifically designed to work best in crowds, large landscape and in-depth capturing of snaps.

  • iPhone 11 is introducing image pipelining.  It is offering next-generation multiple tone managers who feast your picture by toning various highlights in a single snap.
  • iPhone 11’s portrait mode feature which is labeled as high-key mono lightning which provides high end contrasting with crisp black and white finishing.
  •  iPhone 11 is offering night-mode which is beating Samsung and Google’s smartphone cameras.
  • Video capturing of iPhone11 is different from iPhone XR in a way that the latest one is capable of capturing 4k shots with its front camera while the previous was capable of clicking with the back camera.
  • Iphone11 is offering 12MP true- depth cameras which provide to excellent opportunity to squeeze a large number of people in selfies. The front camera is a suit that introduces you with new terminology –“slofies” capturing slow-motion selfies.


If you want to experience music and gaming just like in the theater, then iPhone11 is here to serve the purpose. It is offering Dolby Atmos sound with a treat in audio features.

Face Id

Face ID in iPhone 11 is 30% more efficient and supportive for various distances with varying angles. Thus providing a more exciting and appealing facial recognition to unlock your device.

Resistance with water

iPhone 11 is rated IP68 as compare to iPhone XR which was rated as IP67. iPhone 11 can resist water up to 2 meters for 30 minutes and is shielded against all kinds of accidental jerks.

Since iPhone11 is sharing some common features with its previous version iPhone XR such as display, size, battery life, storage capacity and charging specs but what it is offering is quite agreeable in terms of technology and trend in this modern world. In underdevelopment countries like Pakistan, if you are opting for a high-tech device in your hand than iPhone11 is offering convincing features. If you want to switch from iPhone XR to iPhone 11 then you have to think a little bit in terms of cost and features and have look on specs sheet but I think it worth your money to have iPhone 11 in your hand to cope with this speedy technological storm.

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