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Art and Technology: trend in Fashion Designing

The word technology is quietly incompatible with art. They both seem completely opposite to each other and actually they are. But when they both combine, the results are agreeable. Art, either it is paintings, illustrations, graphics or it is purely related to fashion when combining with the technology they do wonders in reality. Let’s see how technology is producing surprising results in fashion designing.

The internet

The definition of fashion designing is not confined to just the creation of certain products and designs. Exhibitions and catwalks are considered a major part of the fashion industry. The technology used in such processes has a great influence on their success. Considering the example of Burberry, this is using technology as a major reason for its rise in the fashion industry

Burberry is using the most used technology – the internet as a part of their rising business. Using the internet they are creating new pathways for designers to reach people and create a dominant impression of their work on them. According to Burberry, such digital technologies influence how they create ideas and how they deal with customers.

Using a high-speed internet connection, Burberry provides live coverage of fashion shows to the people. If customers love something they can order through smartphones instead of visiting their outlets. Burberry stores don’t use manual registers instead, they are setting a remarkable example of digital convergence in the fashion market.

Smart tailoring

Smart tailoring is a concept where one can use a smartphone to create whatever they want to wear in this fashionable world. There is no need of visiting tailors and mourning over rough designs created by them. Smart tailoring or Direct Panel on Loom, is creating high-end clothing. This technology is responsible for the quality, increased efficiency, and charm of a loom.  Thanking this technology for improving loom’s fabric quality up to 15% and reducing lead time up to 50 %.  The results of this technology are astonishing just like something made by hand and heart.


 Integrating Functional Technologies

Water is considered one of the basic needs of life. While going towards wildlife and adventures, it is quite difficult to have clean water for drinking. Hyeona Yang and Joshua Noble have done a remarkable job in this aspect and created a fusion of filters with clothing to help people stay hydrated and healthy.

Integrating Technology

The CIID students manufactured a fashionable design of raincoat which captures water as well as serve its basic purpose.  The coat is designed to gather water via hood and clean it through built-in filters. The end product is the most desirable thing for the people who are conscious of their fashionable look as well as their health while doing adventures across the borders.

3D printing

This technology is revolutionizing the ideas of sketching patterns on papers and analyzing 2D views. 3D printing is new in the fashion design field. The best example of 3D printing is Kinematic Dress. The results are astonishing and appealing at the same time that they can earn a permanent place within the Museum of Modern Art.



ApparelMagic is a software suite that is making a remarkable position in cloud-based technologies. This suite is providing multiple functionalities to its consumers. It helps in designing, marketing, and selling of most fashionable designs in the world. This platform can be accessed using any modern web browser. This cloud-based technology is always up-to-date with the latest designs and fashion ideas and hence helping in elevating new ideas in the fashion industry worldwide.


 3D Modeling Software

The concept of 3D modeling is not confined to just architects and engineers. The fashion industry is gearing up using 3D modeling in their fashion designs. Körner is one of the innovators of this technology. She is having remarkable skills to apply 3D modeling in fashion wear and producing exceptional clothing in fashion walks and exhibitions. This technology seems to be the most appealing and progressive over 2D modeling in the future of fashion design.


Fashion designers are talented enough to convert tiresome objects into a staggering motif. When these brains combine technology into their artwork, they take can create wonders which were never expected in this industry. They can use unrelated software into their designing and produce something which is exceptionally beautiful and functional at the same time. Technology implementation in this regard is constantly growing and surpassing.

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