iPhone11: everything you need to know about

If you have chosen to live on the bleeding edge of technology and you think your money worth it, then you should opt for iPhone11. We cannot state that iPhone11 is the perfect phone with all required specifications, but it counts what you need in this fast-moving technology roller coaster. By spending $300 more you can get iPhone 11 pro or any of Android smartphone but after reading this review you will surely don’t overthink it and be happy with iPhone11.

IPhone11 is an updated version of the iPhone XR which was the most loved product of Apple last year. Front-end of iPhone11 is exactly like iPhone XR and the design is similarly appealing with a 6.1-inch LCD with 720p fancy round edges and aluminum-coated body.

Iphone11 specs are listed below:

  • Its CPU is A13 Bionic
  • According to Ming-Chi Kuo, its RAM is 4GB similar to iPhone XS but it is not clearly declared by Apple.
  • Storage capacity is 64GB, 256GB, 512GB
  • It has no option for MicroSD
  • It has a rear camera with 12 Megapixels wide(f/1.8) and 12-MP ultra-wide(f/2.4)
  • Front Camera 12-MP (f/2.2)
  • Water resistance up to 2 meters and for 30 minutes
  • Battery life 11hrs: 20 min
  • Its size is 5.94x 2.98x 0.33 inch
  • Weight is 6.84 ounces
  • Colors available in the market are black, green, yellow, purple, white, product red

Since Apple is famous for glossy and iconic product designs, iPhone 11 apparently seems familiar but what’s inside this sleek design it is explored in this article.


iPhone 11 design is quiet refreshing and colorful. The LCD display screen is ready to feast your eyes with high-resolution graphics and icons. While iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone11 Pro Max own OLED display, in case of iPhone 11 Apple is just stick to Liquid Retina which is 326 dpi and it is still 6.1 inches large with a resolution of 720 pixels.


Iphone11 is equipped with an enormous camera jolt on its backside to support its evolved dual-camera array. This bump seems heavier than on another smartphone such as Android phone, Samsung S10, and Huawei P30 and it’s a boundary to divide Apple’s fan from these versions of smartphones. It is an upgraded version of the iPhone XR’s single camera. The very new sensor which is 12 MP allows capturing much wider and brighter snaps due to a 120-degree lens. While presenting its demo Apple has demonstrated that switching between these two arrays of cameras can be done easily by just tapping on a soft key and it also allows you to capture wide-angle videos.

Iphone11 video capturing is just amazing. The three cameras are ready to take 4K60 and whilst recording video in less than 60 frames per second, your phone can easily switch between wide and extra-wide lenses with no color and exposure change.

Apple has introduced “slofies” which is a brand new feature known as capturing slow-motion selfies. Front side camera which is upgraded to 12 megapixels which are true depth camera and snapper of selfies in motion. The camera of iPhone11 is also pro in capturing low-light conditions or night mode and gives you tremendous collections of night views.

Battery Life and USB-C

The choice of iPhone 11 on the hopes that it’s going to ditch lightening is tiresome and disappointing. There were rumors about iPhone11 that Apple is likely to drop its exclusive USB-C port but sadly it did not happen. iPhone 11 hardware is capable of bilateral charging of device with QI but its ios are not supporting this functionality. It has iPhone traditional 5W charger which iPhone user are using from decades. The premium and Pro Max models have standard 18W chargers but iPhone11 user has to pay more for getting reasonable charging speed.

5G cellular and wireless are still not operational in this brand new model which is disappointing and shameful as there were rumors of 5G implementation at the start of 2019. Mobile connectivity may not be the faster one but iPhone11 is remarkable in superfast Wi-Fi. It is implementing 802.11 ax standards (Wi-Fi 6) which is responsible for its 4x boosted performance in crowded areas and provides 40% high-speed data sharing.


Iphone11 is implemented with Apple’s A13 bionic software which is power efficient as compared to A12 of iPhone XR. This faster speed and efficient processing is something that iPhone11 users will love to stick around and overthink before upgrading to a newer version. Improved version of face ID is integrated into iPhone11 and it is much faster than iPhone XR.

So if you are opting for a new phone and thinking about iPhone11, it is surely a glamorous choice with a treat of high- technological features. It is surely providing you with longer battery life, improved camera and display as compared to iPhone XR.

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