iPhone 11 has two-way wireless charging capability. True or not?

The pre-eminent Apple’s new launch “iPhone 11” is quite successful in winning the attentiveness of every smartphone user around the globe. With so many other new and exciting features, this iPhone is stated to have a hidden quality which is termed as bilateral charging. Bilateral charging is a feature using which one can charge the iPhone device wirelessly and also capable of sharing its power wirelessly to charge other Apple’s products such as a smartwatch, an Air Pad, etc. The same feature was offered by Samsung a few months ago which was known as Wireless PowerShare.  Reportedly Apple has now removed this feature from iPhone11, iPhone11 Pro, iPhone11 Pro Max.

A famous Apple leaker said in a recent tweet that hardware for bilateral charging is present in iPhone11 and iPhone11 pro model but due to unknown reasons, iPhone11 software is disabled for two-way charging of devices wirelessly.

Ming-Chi Kuo- a famous Apple analyst claimed to investors that Apple is not supporting two-way charging because it is thought that charging efficiency may not meet Apple’s requirements. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said hours before the press-conference of Apple that reverse-charging is not being implemented in Apple’s new phone.

Android phones such Galaxy S10 has vanity feature of bilateral charging which in un-supported in iPhone i.e. you cannot charge iPhone by plugging another device. Mostly iPhone users possess Apple’s smartwatch and AirPods and would be much happier if they get a chance to charge them wirelessly in a pinch.

It is still in the discussion that enabled hardware for bilateral charging will lay forever in this generation of iPhone11 or Apple is secretly planning to enable this feature in a later update of ios version or users might have to wait until next year to see revolutionary iPhone11 product with 5G.

Well, this is not the first time that Apple is canceling its hardware feature. Previously the company has to cancel its Airpower wireless charging mat by delaying it for a number of days reporting engineering issues with the claim of charging three devices at the same time. To confirm the news if iPhone11 really have hardware for two-way charging, further investigation would be required. If it is for real and Apple canceled it at 11th hour then it would be its second-largest miss on wireless charging.

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